What are you eating???

Inside Out

Love starts from the inside of you.  Fall in love with you and watch the world return the love energy back.
Self love is the beginning of all that is good.
From the pits of darkness,happiness can emerge from practicing self love.
The path to light is appreciation of self.
Love every part of your being inside and out.
Affirm that your physical form is working for your best well being.
Practice telling yourself how much you love you.
Always allow yourself room for growth with no conditions.
In times of challenge acknowledge your strengths and  focus on them.
The constant number one love affair is with yourself.
Your self love affair will bring love energy to every aspect of your life.
Your personal health will improve, financial growth will blossom and personal relationships will be fulfilling beyond your imagination.
Love begins from the inside out.

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My prayer for you:

Always be true to you.

In the end only 3 things matter...
How much you loved...
How much you lived...
How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.
My predominant thought today will be to find things and people to appreciate, admire and shower my love to.  This habit encourages self-love!  In finding subjects to shower love, you feel love!  I am always in a vibration of love with or without a person focusing their attention on me!  This habit allows freedom! Freedom to always feel as good as you choose to!
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What are you eating???

Starting Your Day Right

by Joyce (Joy) Scott on 02/26/18

In the morning the human body is cleansing.  It is a good idea to start the day with FRUIT.  It is best to eat your fruit alone and wait an hour for it to digest before eating anything else. 
Remember, also how you're feeling  while you are eating has an effect on how your body utilizes your food. So arise and start your day being thankful!  Appreciation and gratitude has a way of making you feel good.